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February 26, 2013

How to Store Handbags?

We have been thinking of a fun/practical way to store handbags…and so we searched the web for some inspirations.


Credits to: Fra Ro via Pinterest


Credits to: Tanja Traf


Credits to: Lisette Armstrong


Credits to: Darcy Raulstone

How about something fancy like this?


We would love to hear how you store your handbags at home.

July 28, 2012

Love Local

In conjunction with National Day & Nation Pride 2012, PARCO next NEXT initiated the “LOVE LOCAL” campaign – to increase the awareness for local creative talents.

Pledge your support for fellow Singaporean designers from all walks of creative fields by uploading this ‘LOVE LOCAL’ badge to your facebook and twitter page:

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April 9, 2012

You are invited!

We would like to extend this invitation for you to join us on Saturday (14 April 2012), 3pm at Parco next NEXT. Come celebrate the official opening of 2012’s Next Big Thing in Fashion. Email us at or leave a comment to RSVP. Kindly include your name, contact info and your guests’ details.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

February 19, 2012

Wealth Wallet/Purse

What is auspicious for the wallet/purse?

1. Love for your wallet/purse

2. Three (chinese ancient) coins tied with a red cord/ribbon for never-ending wealth luck & prevent unnecessary expenditures (apparently, this is a pretty common recommendation by Feng Shui experts)

3. Keep wallet/purse free of clutter

4. Red packet containing three Chinese ancient coins stringed together

5. USD dollar note

6. Yellow citrine


8 Great Ideas for Enhancing Wealth – by 101 Feng Shui Tips

10 Feng Shui Wealth Producing Tips for Handbags – by Red Lotus Letter

Lucky Superstitions 18 ways to Win Some Money – by extracted from Feng Shui World

18 Ways to Enhance your Wealth – by e-Desi News

Milking the Matter of Money – by Lillian Too in Sunday Star

I grew up in a family filled with all sorts of superstitions (including wealth related) but I’ve hardly given much thought or be bothered about them or even have any interest in Feng Shui at all. At a recent casual chat with other designers and industry people, they shared how some believe in auspicious success directions, attaching coins to the calculator etc. After all, if that works – everyone will be wealthy and prosperous, right? Then I thought about it, people like me will never know..because I simply do not practice such tips. What’s your view on this? Perhaps it’s about time to test some luck?

Off to shop for some Chinese ancient coins! Be right back with some (wealth) hopefully 😉

February 2, 2012

Mama’s Secret

This is the mama’s secret to cleaning white fabric couch and she suggested the same for canvas bags (and any other type of fabric bags)

And she emphasized…that it must be the EXTRA Strength version.

Well, I am not too sure how much can odor eliminator do to remove dirt/stain but I guess worth a try…

December 30, 2011

Meet Up with Melbourne Fashion Blogger & Stylist, Cecylia

A couple of weeks ago (in early Dec – oh, how time flies), we met with lovely Cecylia and Chian Kee of We had an awesome Saturday afternoon catching up on random topics. I can’t say enough how friendly the fashion community is. Always a chance to meet great, wonderful people from all over the world.

Cecylia is known to have great taste in colors and amazing when it comes to putting together gorgeous ensemble. Look at some of her beautiful pictures: Graffiti, Karla’s Memory Skirt, Vintage John Cavil, pre-Napi-San.

I still remember clearly how she was so lighted up upon hearing about designers vintage market or something along that line. Love her take on fashion and her continuous support for independent labels.

It was great pleasure to be able to connect with Cecylia & Chian Kee and this is a picture of us at A Curious Teepee (one last visit before the unique lifestyle cafe/bar/store move on from *Scape).

A pretty postcard from Cecylia to me 🙂

More about Cecylia: her NEW online store!

November 28, 2011

Wicked, Mystere, Fantasy, Voyage de la Vie

Finally made use of the complimentary tickets to Voyage de la Vie (courtesy of Edward T). Well, sitting in the theater reminded us about all the fantabulous shows we’ve seen in Las Vegas and New York. Oh, we-miss-so-much! Now that WICKED is coming to town, I’m a little curious and keen to re-watch.

Here’s a recap (and personal review) of some wonderful shows:

(1) WICKED The Musical at Gershwin Theatre, 222 West 51st Street, Manhattan
Cast:   Sets/Props:   Costumes:   Music & Lyrics:   Special Effects:
(Attempt to keep this post relevant to Veira ;)) Bag worn to the show: Satchel Mailer Bag
Right, this is obviously biased and ratings seem redundant. Anyway, there were immense amount of beautiful talents (Fiyero’s voice – sooo dreamy) and the atmosphere was fantastic. My favorite character had to be Glinda. She’s hilarious and brings the best out of the role; watch out for the *toss toss* moments that are so precious and yet bimbotic.

The lovely playbill:

Now that I’ve posted this; noticed that the main cast are from different touring teams. Katie Rose Clarke & Teal Wicks (Broadway) versus Suzie Mathers & Jemma Rix (Marina Bay Sands). This is a good reason to watch Wicked in Singapore again.


Cute exit points

The truth – initially I was pretty reluctant to catch the show at Broadway for various stupid reasons, of which I find absolutely ridiculous at this point in time. Thankful that the boyfriend insisted on going no matter what and boy, it was wicked good. I tell you, mind blowing. I’ve always liked musicals since young so yeah absolutely the best so far, the other that had always been in my mind is “Green Tea” by School of Music, UCSI (I know it’s only a college production but tops the rest of the musical productions during University days and beyond).

Need I say anymore? Wicked good, MUST watch! And please do not forget, standing ovation!

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October 16, 2011

From Tokyo to Singapore

Finally met up with Atsuko after some email exchanges, prior to her visit. Atsuko is an experienced bag designer based in Tokyo.

I was really excited about the meet up and it was such a wonderful Saturday (8 October) afternoon! All thanks to Roomservice Fashion Guidebook (credits to Parco for getting all of us listed) that kinda connected us.

Credits to: Atsuko Shindo

I know I talk a lot about not having ‘real’ colleagues to interact with on a day-to-day basis. However, I am so happy to be able to connect with great people from all over the place! We had so much fun exchanging knowledge, information about Tokyo/Singapore, the fashion industry, designs etc etc.

Attracted by this pretty little cupcake shop along Haji Lane while we were browsing through the shops.

This is a last minute photo taken just before we said goodbyes 😦

Thank you for contacting me and for all your useful pointers. You are always welcome back to Singapore, Atsuko-san!

September 11, 2011

September 11 Tenth Anniversary

Prayers for everyone who were and are still affected by September 11.

I never really understood the severity of that event, being thousands & thousands of miles away from the United States. Vividly remember that everyone was shocked and there were plenty of news talks etc about it. However, my recent trip to the 9/11 memorial preview site near Ground Zero had me teared up. It rips the heart inside out. Those survivors’ verbal accounts, remnants of steel pieces, all the footage, first responders’ sacrifices and evidence of that unfortunate event. My heart goes out to those who were affected in one way or another. May the innocent souls who lost their lives, rest in peace.

More on ceremonies to remember victims

September 5, 2011

[Travelnotes] San Francisco, California

The journey:
Singapore-Hong Kong – 3 hours 45 mins and 1 hour refuel stop
Hong Kong-San Francisco – 17 hours 35 mins
Duration: 5 days, 4 night

[1] Good Hotel – Our hotel is located pretty near to Market Street and the shopping district. Good enough 🙂 Cute and very clean room. Apparently, the hotel was designed to inspire the “good in us all”.

[2] Union Square San Fran Visitor Information Centre (get all the brochures/maps you need and Muni passport (for unlimited bus/train/cable car rides)), Macy’s, Forever 21, Gap etc etc etc etc etc. All those sites I shop from..they are all physically here and I swear I flipped on the first day.

[3] Chinatown

Dim Sum – tried some stuff from a recommended dim sum shop (no idea what’s the name because the boyfriend did the research and I just well, tagged along) and another dim sum place (which offers proper tables & seats). The char siew baos weren’t great but I have to say I love the egg tarts to death. But nothing has beaten the memory of delicious dim sum from Yat Tung Heen – Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong yet.

American Ginseng for the sister from a little shop at Clay Street.

[4] Lombard Street, San Francisco’s Crookedest Street Nothing much but super crowded. Just a place to snap pics..I suppose a touristy spot to fulfill the San Francisco tourist eligibility. The real fun was when me managed to squeeeze (and I really mean squeeze and hang on)  on to the cable car ride downhill. Super cool. That’s the only time too because the queues for cable cars are always crazy long.

[5] Hyde Street Pier, Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf etc

It was really refreshing the first time we got to the piers. However, after 4 days I think we have enough of sea gulls, sea breeze and sunshine. Some highlights were Musee Mecanique (must visit! we love it so much – all those vintage mechanical games), USS Pampanito (submarine museum and memorial), Ghirardelli Square and piping hot clam chowder with oyster crackers.

[6] Stow Lake & Golden Gate Park – My least favourite place. Needless to say, I was never a nature lover. Well, the boyfriend was happy to see trees and sunlight and roses, I have no idea why.

[7] Haight Ashbury – Real hippy place! Wished we had visited earlier as most shops were already closed by the time we got there. Dined at Asqew Grill, total LOVE! slurps.

[8] Alcatraz – I wasn’t too excited about this tour initially but the IHOP breaky was an awesome start to the day. It wasn’t too bad; the audio tour was really good and the place didn’t turn out as spooky as I expected.

[9] Golden Gate Bridge – In awe of the structure and view. I realize I am much more of a building person than a tree person. People in the cars driving past the bridge were spontaneous and funny; waving, cheering and saying hellos.

[10] Japantown – Tried a recommended Japanese curry cafe called On the Bridge Cafe. Simple but quite good.

[11] 4th July Fireworks – Super crowded as expected but we went with the flow. It was a pleasant experience to watch “foreign” fireworks. The weather was cool so even though it was crowded, it was tolerable and people were courteous.

This is a backlog post that I intended to post a month ago. I am not the right person to even write about this. Simply because I was never the planner and have practically zero knowledge of what/where we were going to. I would always admit truthfully that I am nasty travel partner and so itineraries are required to contain 90% non-nature, non-exciting activities. Hence, this ain’t the best of San Fran yet 🙂