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April 30, 2011

Xiang Yun Shopped at Parco next NEXT

Just a few days ago, we were admiring Xiang Yun’s beautiful outfit and touching moments at Star Awards 2011.

Photo credits to xinmsn

Today, she was at Parco next NEXT and she bought Veira Envelope Clutch *beaming with joy* Here is a photo of Eric (Parco next Next Sales Rep) with Xiang Yun! (wished I was around to catch her).

Thank you!

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April 24, 2011

Care for your Suede Bags

Luxurious and soft to touch. A beautiful suede accessory has become the dream possession of every fashion conscious women. Here are some care tips on how to protect your favourite suede bag to ensure that the timeless piece will last for many seasons:

  • If suede bag is LIGHT in colour: Keep the suede accessory away from dark coloured clothing
  • If suede bag is DARK in colour: Keep the suede accessory away from light coloured clothing
  • T0 be 100% safe, avoid unnecessary continuous contact

Note: It is only natural that genuine suede may result in crocking when in contact with another surface. (Crocking = Suede dust rub off on contact surface). Some sources suggest that crocking can be minimized by rubbing any new suede bag vigorously with a terry cloth (but we have never tried this before).

  • Keep your suede bag dry. When it is not in use, store it away using dust bag in a clean & dry condition. (Tip: bamboo charcoal has excellent absorption properties)
  • Provide care for your suede bag using suede brush
  • Remove spots with a hard rubber eraser or suede cleaner only

Apart from that, you can also opt for protective suede treatment. We are happy to share that Veira has collaborated with Bag Spa and offer a special 50% discount for protective suede treatment for our Envelope Clutch. This is valid for the month of April only. So, stock up now and send them away for a pampering session with Bag Spa 🙂

Find these in your Envelope Clutch:

Bag Spa is located at:

10 Anson Road
#02-39 International Plaza
Singapore 079903
Tel: 6222 9556
In general, caring for beautiful bags/accessories can be as easy as 1-2-3 and follow the rules of thumb; keep it clean, keep it dry, and store it properly.
And for more information on care for your suede bags, you can also refer to these links. Cheers and Happy Easter!
April 20, 2011

Life as a Tree

Sometimes our lives can be depicted akin to a tree,

Ever growing tall but with setbacks like falling leaves;

Only with the strong will like the solid trunk of a tree,

Will we flourish and branch off further with believes.  

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April 17, 2011

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Wise words are usually heard, awestruck the audience with admiration, and later forgotten in life. But there is one that particularly struck my chord and it is “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, from a commencement address by Steve Jobs. In the exigency of the modern life, many of us are too preoccupied with our careers, slowly losing sight of the dreams that once drive us forward. It is a sad truth that life will pass us by in a fleeting moment, and before you knew it, you will start wishing that if only you could turn back time.

Hence, before we reach that regretful juncture in life, always “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, and never let the monotony of work to steal your dreams away.

Have a blessed weekend!

Signs off,

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April 17, 2011

Official Launch – Tea Party

It was a great great day. We were beaming with joy 🙂 After months of hard work, sleepless nights and excitement, this is it. Thank you so much for those who took time off their beautiful Saturday afternoon to spend time with us. Soooo grateful for all the love, support, care, concern and kind words about our collection. Truly enjoyed conversations with so many friendly people who stopped by our booth to chat, to browse, to understand our design thoughts, to purchase and to let us know their appreciation for local labels.

And on top of all these, we are extremely delighted that Mr. Ted Tan (Deputy Chief Executive) from SPRING Singapore purchased our best seller, the Envelope Clutch (for his daughter–so sweet). Many thanks for his kind support for our label as well as the entire incubation program. Thank you once again, Mr. Ted 🙂

Bustling traffic at Parco next Next.

Pretty models by our booth. Credits to Kenji for the beautiful outfit. Before the show submission, we needed another puffy puffy skirt and *poof* we’ve got puffy puffy skirt, sucha lovely fellow designer!  🙂 Many girls fell for his puffy skirt, my sister & bestie included.

Yummy truffles from my MBS friends 🙂 Thank you, girls! Arica wanted to send flower stand but I insisted against them buying anything at all… instead they got me these sweet stuff (for a sweet beginning? :D) I like! (note to self: share the love & calories)

Pretty & delicious cupcakes at Shito’s store.

To a great year ahead, Parco next Next!

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April 14, 2011

See you at Parco Marina Bay

It is now day 07! since our soft launch on 7 April 2011.

Picture from the first day:

And two days ago, some really wonderful VM specialist from Parco Shibuya came by to give pointers *more like magical touch* I just love the way they look at everything and *snaps* this is how you should do it etc etc. Amazing eye for details.

The after picture:

April 5, 2011

Linen Blend Airmail Fabric

Arrived a week and half ago, for our cabinet at Parco Next Next retail booth: