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September 3, 2010

Coffee & Twirl

Just bought THIS.

Can’t wait to try the coffee. Oh, I’m a coffee hater turned coffee lover ever since I started working. Totally addicted to a cuppa of iced coffee a day. This never fails me and I call it office indulgence =)

We’ve also started to nudge each other for coffee & reading weekends. It’s all so peaceful and stress relieving by spending time at Starbucks or some little coffee house tucked away from the hustle bustle of city life. Unfortunately, it is indeed a pretty difficult task to find some great spots without crowds.

I hope this will be good, can’t wait for it!

And before I hit the sacks tonight (this morning I mean), I’m so excited about TWIRL. Been wanting to get the sampler tube but nobody’s flying States yet and I don’t think I can ship via VPost to SG. I am so craving for it, Twirl anyone?

Loves Kate Spade. Melts.

September 1, 2010

iPhone 4 – Hate It!

Not for the functions or appearance and what not. But for SINGTEL’s unprofessional service.

Initially, I was really excited to blog about my new handsome iPhone but unfortunately the evening took a really long turn and here is my complaint to Singtel instead:

I just bought iPhone 4 at approximately 8pm from Bugis branch. Clarified with the customer service officer that my existing line will not be interrupted until the new SIM card is activated (24hrs later). Half an hour later, my mobile line disconnected without any prior warning while I was on my way for an important meeting. Both old & new SIM cards are not working at all!!!!!!


Customers should have been given advanced notice so that we can make our arrangements. The unexpected lost of connection has caused me great inconvenience and mis-communication tonight. And I am very angry that SingTel chose to be so inconsiderate. I have been a loyal SingTel customer for the past couple of years and this clearly shows how unappreciative you are. This will be the last I will ever recommend your service to anyone and hopefully my contract will end as soon as possible; so then I can cut all relationships with this telco provider.


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