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June 26, 2011

I Told You So

I can’t help it. This is too addictive to ignore. Re-play, re-play, re-play and more re-plays while I work on FW2011 🙂

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June 9, 2011

AI Outfit

Never a huge fan of American Idol but I had good bonding with it this season. Highly attributed to the long hours sketching, planning, brainstorming, packing & etc etc in front of the living room TV almost every other night. And here are the stylist‘s insights on some of my personal favourite of Lauren Alaina.

First and third outfit from the right! *preeeeetty stuff*

Credits to: Stylelist

For Alaina’s second song, “Idol” winner Carrie Underwood, chose the Pam Tillis ballad “Maybe it was Memphis” and the teen looked the country part in a sparkly, topaz hoedown dress that An chose to coronate the cowboy princess. “It was Memphis! I wanted her to be just that,” An says, telling us the look was her favorite of the night. “It was super slimming and flattering for her shape and very Lauren.”

Fashion Credits: Dress sourced from The Mint Collection in Los Angeles, boots 1883, ring and earrings Bijou Tresor and guitar necklace, the Dolly Parton collection.

For her third and most emotional performance, Alaina sang a new song, “Like My Mother Does” while serenading her mother without missing a beat. She wore a white, floor-length gown by Adrianna Pappel trimmed with a spray of garden flowers at the hemline that kept it young and fresh. “The song chose that dress. It was perfect, age appropriate and just enough for the finale and the butterfly chandelier earring and floral bracelet created a beautiful story,” An says.

More on the Stylist’s recap & wallet friendly recommendations.

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