Wealth Wallet/Purse

What is auspicious for the wallet/purse?

1. Love for your wallet/purse

2. Three (chinese ancient) coins tied with a red cord/ribbon for never-ending wealth luck & prevent unnecessary expenditures (apparently, this is a pretty common recommendation by Feng Shui experts)

3. Keep wallet/purse free of clutter

4. Red packet containing three Chinese ancient coins stringed together

5. USD dollar note

6. Yellow citrine


8 Great Ideas for Enhancing Wealth – by 101 Feng Shui Tips

10 Feng Shui Wealth Producing Tips for Handbags – by Red Lotus Letter

Lucky Superstitions 18 ways to Win Some Money – by WOFS.com extracted from Feng Shui World

18 Ways to Enhance your Wealth – by e-Desi News

Milking the Matter of Money – by Lillian Too in Sunday Star

I grew up in a family filled with all sorts of superstitions (including wealth related) but I’ve hardly given much thought or be bothered about them or even have any interest in Feng Shui at all. At a recent casual chat with other designers and industry people, they shared how some believe in auspicious success directions, attaching coins to the calculator etc. After all, if that works – everyone will be wealthy and prosperous, right? Then I thought about it, people like me will never know..because I simply do not practice such tips. What’s your view on this? Perhaps it’s about time to test some luck?

Off to shop for some Chinese ancient coins! Be right back with some (wealth) hopefully 😉


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