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June 22, 2010

MBS Grand Opening

This is it! Oh, beautiful and breathtaking view. I’m so glad we are all part of this gorgeous babe.

Hold your breath and look over to Sands SkyPark for its grand catwalk on the aisle tomorrow.

June 19, 2010

Ticketing Mechanism

It was that time of the year and I was logged on to Jetstar website to grab 2 tickets for the boyfriend and I. It meant to be a quick transaction before I head into bed for my beauty sleep. Instead, I spent about 20 minutes or so trying to figure this out:

For 1 person, per pax is S$79.95 (after tax)

For 2 people, it was S$109.95 per pax (after tax)…same flight, same timing, same booking time…

Can someone enlighten me, please? And I realized that this was not the first time I’ve encountered the inconsistency.

Perhaps it is some kind of IT-ticketing mechanism or whatsoever. So, we decided to book separately in order to save the unnecessary few bucks (which we couldn’t make sense of). Well, that’s not the end of yet.

After booking the first pax, I tried booking for the next one. Within that few minutes window, the price for the same flight jumped another S$40. I gave up and went straight to bed, with only 1 ticket on hand.

The next afternoon, I tried again and it was back to the initial price! I still can’t figure out, why…

June 16, 2010

Shopping Haven @ Orchard Road vs FLOOD

I know this is such a hot topic and talk of the town today. My colleague shared some of these photos with us:

And I was nowhere near Orchard so I didn’t really get the gist of how serious it was until I saw the pictures. I was on site, above the clouds at 200m above sea level…so yeah was not really in tune with the issue on ground.

But honestly, the best was this article shared:

Date: 22 January 1999

Source: The New Paper

Why Orchard Road will never flood…

By Fong Foong Mei

Well, almost never.

For a flood to hit anywhere in Singapore, it takes a combination of high tides and about 100mm of rainfall within an hour.

And Orchard Road is protected by its mighty rain drain – the Stamford Canal.

Thanks to it, shoppers haven’t had to slosh through waist-deep waters since 1960s.

But what makes a good drain?

According to a Ministry of Environment (ENV) spokesman, it’s the flow capacity of a drain and not its storage capacity.

In other words, it isn’t the size of the boat that matters, but the motion of the ocean.

And Orchard Road’s supersucker had plenty of that.

It can empty an Olympic-sized pool before your cup of latte has time to cool.

It’s very handy around this time, with La Nina is expected to bring about more wet days in the next two months.

La Nina is the weather phenomenon responsible for the heavier rains and cooler temperatures around the region.

Already, it has increased rainfall by 25 to 30 percent this year, noted a Meteorological Service spokesman.

Singapore’s worst ever flood happened in 1978 when 512 mm fell in 24 hours.

Seven people died in that flood.

To prevent such disasters from recurring, the Government has spent some $1.1 billion since 1984 on about 800 km of drains all over Singapore.

How can you do your bit to avoid doing your shopping in sampans?

Simple. Just don’t chuck your rubbish in the drains. Let the rain drains do their work, and go with the flow.

June 6, 2010

Small building blocks

I went back to work on one of the lovely Sundays and had to go to “site” i.e. the park above 200m. On the way to the lift lobby, I looked up at the superstructure that our team has built. Breathed in the fresh air and I stared in awe. The wonders of engineering!

The whole landscape totally reminded me; of why I love my job and why I love the beauty of greatness in life. Nothing is impossible, or so they say. Do you believe in it?

And while I was blog hopping (after reading the Essential haircare advert on CLEO magazine), I came across Nadnut’s SONY Bloggie giveaway, so I posted the photo as an entry. Show the world what you really believe in & post your entry too. Cheers to a great week ahead.