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June 6, 2010

Small building blocks

I went back to work on one of the lovely Sundays and had to go to “site” i.e. the park above 200m. On the way to the lift lobby, I looked up at the superstructure that our team has built. Breathed in the fresh air and I stared in awe. The wonders of engineering!

The whole landscape totally reminded me; of why I love my job and why I love the beauty of greatness in life. Nothing is impossible, or so they say. Do you believe in it?

And while I was blog hopping (after reading the Essential haircare advert on CLEO magazine), I came across Nadnut’s SONY Bloggie giveaway, so I posted the photo as an entry. Show the world what you really believe in & post your entry too. Cheers to a great week ahead.