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September 3, 2010

Coffee & Twirl

Just bought THIS.

Can’t wait to try the coffee. Oh, I’m a coffee hater turned coffee lover ever since I started working. Totally addicted to a cuppa of iced coffee a day. This never fails me and I call it office indulgence =)

We’ve also started to nudge each other for coffee & reading weekends. It’s all so peaceful and stress relieving by spending time at Starbucks or some little coffee house tucked away from the hustle bustle of city life. Unfortunately, it is indeed a pretty difficult task to find some great spots without crowds.

I hope this will be good, can’t wait for it!

And before I hit the sacks tonight (this morning I mean), I’m so excited about TWIRL. Been wanting to get the sampler tube but nobody’s flying States yet and I don’t think I can ship via VPost to SG. I am so craving for it, Twirl anyone?

Loves Kate Spade. Melts.

May 29, 2010

Relatively Expensive Skincare

As I was digging the last bit off my Benefit eye cream, I realize that it’s probably one of the few times I have actually finished using a bottle of skincare product. Too many times, I buy and change a quarter way through the first bottle.

Hence, I concluded that if you buy a relatively more expensive skincare (compared to those off the shelf at every pharmacy/supermarket), you will have greater tendency to use till the last drop. That is because sub-consciously I want to make my every dollar worth it. So, cheers to expensive skincare!What a brilliant reason to splurge.

Moving forward, trying out Origins – Eye Doctor. Organic skincare is getting me all excited recently. Go green!

May I continue to have wrinkle-free, eye bags-free, pretty set of eyes 🙂

November 15, 2009

Watsons Card Members Promo – Ionic Facial Massager

And so I’ve visited Watsons Store at Funan Digital Mall (it was already out of stock at both Novena & Raffles City branch) and spent S$104.55 on the essentials 🙂 I think it’s quite enough to last me for the next few months. The reason I spent everything at a go:

Irresistible, no? Yes, to consumers like you and me.

A snapshot of three huge bags from Watsons and my goodies. Indeed, it is a successful marketing plan…simply because I know that it is a marketing strategy and I just proved them right by falling straight into it. I guess it works both ways, they get their statistics I get my ionic facial massager 🙂

I have not used it yet but I will, soon. So eggciting! 😀

Hohoho, I think I will be very excited again at the end of next month. When my credit card bill arrives, hah! So much for the cheap thrill.