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November 15, 2009

Watsons Card Members Promo – Ionic Facial Massager

And so I’ve visited Watsons Store at Funan Digital Mall (it was already out of stock at both Novena & Raffles City branch) and spent S$104.55 on the essentials 🙂 I think it’s quite enough to last me for the next few months. The reason I spent everything at a go:

Irresistible, no? Yes, to consumers like you and me.

A snapshot of three huge bags from Watsons and my goodies. Indeed, it is a successful marketing plan…simply because I know that it is a marketing strategy and I just proved them right by falling straight into it. I guess it works both ways, they get their statistics I get my ionic facial massager 🙂

I have not used it yet but I will, soon. So eggciting! 😀

Hohoho, I think I will be very excited again at the end of next month. When my credit card bill arrives, hah! So much for the cheap thrill.