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November 26, 2009

Levi’s Style

On Saturday, we had a get-together at Centrepoint, Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ. Good food, good company and good deal!

However, prior to that…we were kinda early so, the boyfriend and I were brooding around the mall, aimlessly. Too poor to shop, too tired to walk. Afterall, we had to work on that Saturday. Bad habits never die young (or probably not at all), I saw a huge 80% sign at Level 1!! Yipee! Did I see Levi’s sale?!

Of course I did and so here it is:

I know it might be is an out of season item but who cares? I always believed that it is the way you dress ’em up rather than how they look like individually 🙂

Anyway, when it is worn…it looks something pretty similar to this:

Awwwww, totally basic beauty! Versatile, chic and simple.

S$29.90 for a pair of comfortable & stylish Levi’s…what else can you ask for? *hee*