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September 11, 2011

September 11 Tenth Anniversary

Prayers for everyone who were and are still affected by September 11.

I never really understood the severity of that event, being thousands & thousands of miles away from the United States. Vividly remember that everyone was shocked and there were plenty of news talks etc about it. However, my recent trip to the 9/11 memorial preview site near Ground Zero had me teared up. It rips the heart inside out. Those survivors’ verbal accounts, remnants of steel pieces, all the footage, first responders’ sacrifices and evidence of that unfortunate event. My heart goes out to those who were affected in one way or another. May the innocent souls who lost their lives, rest in peace.

More on ceremonies to remember victims

August 28, 2011

Fashion Walk of Fame

Exactly a month ago at New York City, Fashion District – Fashion Walk of Fame – 7th Avenue.

Just a few shots as the walkway was getting too busy for me to stand & snap more pictures.

According to one of the tour bus guide at Gray Line, this is the world’s largest button…fake one that is.

In view of Hurricane Irene passing by the city, may the New Yorkers stay safe and dry.