Meet Up with Melbourne Fashion Blogger & Stylist, Cecylia

A couple of weeks ago (in early Dec – oh, how time flies), we met with lovely Cecylia and Chian Kee of We had an awesome Saturday afternoon catching up on random topics. I can’t say enough how friendly the fashion community is. Always a chance to meet great, wonderful people from all over the world.

Cecylia is known to have great taste in colors and amazing when it comes to putting together gorgeous ensemble. Look at some of her beautiful pictures: Graffiti, Karla’s Memory Skirt, Vintage John Cavil, pre-Napi-San.

I still remember clearly how she was so lighted up upon hearing about designers vintage market or something along that line. Love her take on fashion and her continuous support for independent labels.

It was great pleasure to be able to connect with Cecylia & Chian Kee and this is a picture of us at A Curious Teepee (one last visit before the unique lifestyle cafe/bar/store move on from *Scape).

A pretty postcard from Cecylia to me 🙂

More about Cecylia: her NEW online store!


2 Comments to “Meet Up with Melbourne Fashion Blogger & Stylist, Cecylia”

  1. Thanks for taking me to Curious Teepee- such a gorgeous shop cum cafe! xx

  2. You’re most welcome and I’m glad you find it nice =)

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