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August 28, 2011

Fashion Walk of Fame

Exactly a month ago at New York City, Fashion District – Fashion Walk of Fame – 7th Avenue.

Just a few shots as the walkway was getting too busy for me to stand & snap more pictures.

According to one of the tour bus guide at Gray Line, this is the world’s largest button…fake one that is.

In view of Hurricane Irene passing by the city, may the New Yorkers stay safe and dry.

July 21, 2011

Shopping Tips in NYC

I was just doing some quick research on shopping & dining for our upcoming trip to New York this Saturday and totally LOL at this:

Credits to NYC Tourist Website

If you’ve yet to master the art of shopping in NYC, you’ll want to prepare for your trip to Century 21 by reading NYCTourist’s list of NYC shopping tips, the Guerilla Shopping Guide:

  • Shop at Odd Hours: With such great deals on designer clothes, Century 21 is a madhouse on weekends. Try to visit the store at off hours – on a weekday morning, for example, or in bad weather. The store will be tranquil by comparison.
  • Shop Hard: When you shop at Century 21 NYC, you have to dig to find those deals. Look in shoeboxes that aren’t your size. Open ugly shoeboxes to find the cute pair of shoes another shopper has stashed away on her lunch break. Check the racks in the dressing room for adorable discards. Shop hard!
  • Dress Smart: If you plan on trying on clothes at Century 21 NY, dress appropriately. Wear something that you can change out of easily, or otherwise wear tights and a tank top so you can try on clothes on the floor, without fighting the dressing rooms.
  • Stay Positive: Perhaps the best advice on shopping in NYC is this: don’t get discouraged. It’s easy to be intimidated by the massive size of Century 21 and the aggressive shoppers who flock there. Stay positive. Remember you’re taking advantage of outrageous deals.

Now, now I am not really sure that sounds all so fun to shop at NYC anymore. I will try to stay motivated & positive 🙂

Signs off,