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July 28, 2013

Structured vs Non-Structured

We all probably have certain criteria or guide to wade through the enormous variety of bag choices we have today.

  • Structured vs non-structured
  • Bold color vs pastel color
  • Spacious vs compact
  • Design vs practicality
  • Luxury vs affordability

and this list goes on…

    Structured Bag

Credits French Connection & Weekend Designer.

At Veira, we have always been drawn to the structured silhouettes and inclined to design for bags with certain shapes for some known and unknown reasons. Perhaps it is time we look at slouchy bags for creative inspirations.

Well, ever thought thoroughly – what’s your criteria?

February 26, 2013

How to Store Handbags?

We have been thinking of a fun/practical way to store handbags…and so we searched the web for some inspirations.


Credits to: Fra Ro via Pinterest


Credits to: Tanja Traf


Credits to: Lisette Armstrong


Credits to: Darcy Raulstone

How about something fancy like this?


We would love to hear how you store your handbags at home.

September 6, 2012

Country Road, Take Me Home

This Fall/Winter 2012…bring that Southern Belle style to the streets in a statement bag

Look out for the casual country style with some sassy twist in our new collection “Country Chic, Southern Belle“. ~Coming soon, Sept/Oct 2012~

July 28, 2012

Love Local

In conjunction with National Day & Nation Pride 2012, PARCO next NEXT initiated the “LOVE LOCAL” campaign – to increase the awareness for local creative talents.

Pledge your support for fellow Singaporean designers from all walks of creative fields by uploading this ‘LOVE LOCAL’ badge to your facebook and twitter page:

Share the love!

April 8, 2012

…and we are back at Parco next NEXT

Parco next NEXT was closed for renovation from 27 March to 5 April 2012 and now we are back with a brand new flagship store. Some snap shots of the process from concept to reality:

March 21, 2012

Stationery Lover

Summer 2012: A fun insight into the minds of those that have unique fascination of stationery.

We’ve always been avid fans of colorful pencils, neat folders, neon post-it notes, vintage brown jotter book  and more. Just like how Cinderberry (of puts it, “The ballad of irrational love of pens, notebooks, paper diaries, inks, quills and every kind of office supplies”. It is simply an idea on little things in life that make us giddy with joy.

Look out for classic silhouettes and combination of fun and vintage colors in our new collection “Stationery Lover’s Notion“. ~Coming soon, April 2012~

January 7, 2012

Sulin Serio

Look at what we found while clearing out the photo folder. Some pictures snapped at Sulin Serio, Tanglin Mall after they revamped their shop in late November 2011.

Ready.Made dress with Veira mini hat bag

Ready.Made dress with Veira red postal knapsack

December 30, 2011

Meet Up with Melbourne Fashion Blogger & Stylist, Cecylia

A couple of weeks ago (in early Dec – oh, how time flies), we met with lovely Cecylia and Chian Kee of We had an awesome Saturday afternoon catching up on random topics. I can’t say enough how friendly the fashion community is. Always a chance to meet great, wonderful people from all over the world.

Cecylia is known to have great taste in colors and amazing when it comes to putting together gorgeous ensemble. Look at some of her beautiful pictures: Graffiti, Karla’s Memory Skirt, Vintage John Cavil, pre-Napi-San.

I still remember clearly how she was so lighted up upon hearing about designers vintage market or something along that line. Love her take on fashion and her continuous support for independent labels.

It was great pleasure to be able to connect with Cecylia & Chian Kee and this is a picture of us at A Curious Teepee (one last visit before the unique lifestyle cafe/bar/store move on from *Scape).

A pretty postcard from Cecylia to me 🙂

More about Cecylia: her NEW online store!

December 6, 2011

Gift Wrap Option

A couple of weeks ago, we wrap it up for a lovely customer who wanted to give the clutch as a birthday gift to her friend.

Gift wrap option is available in product listings on our online store. Feel free to share with us if you need help with some exciting gift ideas. We’ll love to hear from you!

November 19, 2011

Hello Kitty for Forever 21

New blog theme, renewed blogging spirit 🙂

Anyway, this exclusive collection looks super adorbs! Never a Hello Kitty fan at all but just can’t help it. Head over heels in love with her now (ain’t I too old for this?)

The cardigan ♥ The tunic ♥ The leg warmer ♥ The tights ♥ The raincoat ♥

Love the playfulness – soooo pretty. Well, this raincoat does remind me of Burberry AW2011 but I’m pretty sure it is at a fraction of the price.

More pretty stuff this way.

Come on, some fun brand…adopt Veira? #wishingwell