Public Garden

 (I know, miserable amount of photos! I wish I had taken more...)

I was putting together feedback from our first experience at Public Garden and I thought I might as well share it here. It was also our first time out in the open (apart from the usual retail at Parco next NEXT, Rockstar, Antipodean and online channels).

Here’s our recap of the event. We felt that full credits should be given to Public Garden’s excellent organizing team:

1) Good vendor mix (anchor vendors include – BooksActually, Cat Socrates, The little dröm store, Dustbunny Vintage, Casual Poet)
Unique yet focused. We are so thankful that it is not the “usual” flea market. However, this is based on my observation from our tiny corner as I didn’t have much spare time to leave the booth to explore the other side.
2) *Thumbs up* for commendable publicity via social media.
We felt that we’ve already connected to everyone way before the actual event.
3) Which led to quality turn out.
The customers we met at Public Garden were very appreciate and supportive of design, arts and craft…not merely bargain hunters. We love ’em!
4) Nice location.
It’s not in the midst of the crowd but being tucked away at the corner of the city makes it a hidden gem that attracts sincere shoppers. Although (like it has been mentioned before by others), it could do even better with an air-conditioned venue (we were sweating cats & dogs – but nice people make up for it) 🙂

Certainly hope that Public Garden will continue to stay focus on promoting indie designs, arts, crafts and keep it upmarket. Would totally love the idea of having something similar to Perth Upmarket, Indie Designer Market@Randolph Street, SoWa Open Market here in sunny Singapore. Won’t you love it too?

A shout out to the following people that I finally get to connect face-to-face at Public Garden (credits to twitter-world) (thank you for dropping by our booth and say hello):

notabilia (artsy/crafty New Yorker living in Singapore)
etincellecreativestudio (fashion and jewelry designer, stylist)
thecookiecutter (crafter from sunny Singapore)

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