[RUMOR] iPhone 5 Could Be Revealed on September 7

I’ve grown to be so reliant on my iPhone and I am pretty positive many feel the same way too. Left my phone behind this morning and I just had to backtrack in order to grab it. Otherwise, I would not have survived without GPS, e-mail, whatsapp, notes, twitter, Safari to Google everything else I need i.e. nearest location of fast cheque machine, money changer etc. That is how important.

Here is a rumor about the much anticipated iPhone 5 (and I thought someone told me the release was supposed to be in July??)

Image credits to gadgetmedia.

The following article is extracted from mashable.com (by Sarah Kessler):

A report from one Japanese website marks September 8 as the date of Apple’s next media event, at which some expect the company to launch the iPhone 5.

The company has historically released its new phones at its summer Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This year, in the wake of the Verizon iPhone 4 release, that tradition failed to pan out.

Apple’s annual September media event seems like a logical alternative, although it has in the past been reserved for iPod launches.

The date of the event, like most things Apple, is still safely in rumor territory. MacRumors says that it has asked blog Kodawarisan for the source of the date, and found it came from “a source in the know.”

Even if the date is accurate, it might not be when Apple decides to reveal the iPhone 5. AllThingsD heard from “sources familiar with the matter” that the iPhone 5 wouldn’t launch until October.

Read the original post here.


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