New Arrival – Blue Envelope

Thank you very much for the kind response and love for one of our bestsellers, the Suede Envelope Clutch. The last stock piece has gone off Parco next NEXT shelf on Monday and it is now sold out! Beeps, we are gonna miss it.

But looking forward (and staying cheerful), check out the new Blue Envelope Clutch/Sling Bag at our Parco next NEXT booth now! =) Loving it? (I am personally a die-hard #1 fan of blue shades). Share your thoughts with us, are you a fan of vintage envelope or blue colour?


3 Comments to “New Arrival – Blue Envelope”

  1. girl u’re joking rite???
    the suede envelop clutch is sold out already??
    i haven even got it yet!!! 😦 😦 😦

  2. oh… but btw, the blue clutch looks awesome!
    i like the blue and red combi! 🙂

  3. Sorry babe! I was supposed to mail the “money tree” to your house, remember? (that was it) but totally forgotten!
    hehe, glad you like it. Will bring one tomorrow =P

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