Official Launch – Tea Party

It was a great great day. We were beaming with joy 🙂 After months of hard work, sleepless nights and excitement, this is it. Thank you so much for those who took time off their beautiful Saturday afternoon to spend time with us. Soooo grateful for all the love, support, care, concern and kind words about our collection. Truly enjoyed conversations with so many friendly people who stopped by our booth to chat, to browse, to understand our design thoughts, to purchase and to let us know their appreciation for local labels.

And on top of all these, we are extremely delighted that Mr. Ted Tan (Deputy Chief Executive) from SPRING Singapore purchased our best seller, the Envelope Clutch (for his daughter–so sweet). Many thanks for his kind support for our label as well as the entire incubation program. Thank you once again, Mr. Ted 🙂

Bustling traffic at Parco next Next.

Pretty models by our booth. Credits to Kenji for the beautiful outfit. Before the show submission, we needed another puffy puffy skirt and *poof* we’ve got puffy puffy skirt, sucha lovely fellow designer!  🙂 Many girls fell for his puffy skirt, my sister & bestie included.

Yummy truffles from my MBS friends 🙂 Thank you, girls! Arica wanted to send flower stand but I insisted against them buying anything at all… instead they got me these sweet stuff (for a sweet beginning? :D) I like! (note to self: share the love & calories)

Pretty & delicious cupcakes at Shito’s store.

To a great year ahead, Parco next Next!

Signs off,

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