One of my favourite Christmas 2010’s gift. Kikki.K’s 3am notebook.

This is the history of the spiral notebook:

Capture twilight inspiration by keeping this notebook at your bedside. Some of the best ideas happen after dark.

“When I arrived in Australia from Sweden, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. One morning at about 3am, I was struggling with my ideas when my partner Paul turned on the light, took out a pen and paper, and encouraged me to write down what was important to me. This led to what I call my ‘3am List’. It helped me identify where I wanted to go, and was an exciting first step in the kikki.K journey. So I encourage you to capture your own twilight inspiration. Dream big and anything is possible.”

Kristina Karlsson, kikki.K founder & stationery lover.


Just the perfect notebook for me because I love early mornings i.e. 12am-5am! Today, it’s 5am for me =)

2 Comments to “3am”

  1. Yes dear, we all know you love the early mornings.

    HI !

  2. Haha yes, early mornings are good time to study and work 😀

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