Stamping & Recesky

Spent a good 2-hours on a Saturday night, trying to complete the artwork for print on an inner pouch. The borders and postage stamp took less than 10 minutes and who would have guessed that the most tiring part is the stamping, grrrr. My Photoshop skill has not upgraded after so long, ish. What I was struggling with were the wavy lines and charcoal/chalk brush stroke. I knew where the commands were but pardon my lack of memory to even remember which value to tweak in order to get the correct wavy-ness; amplitude or wavelength. Bloopers, that is B-a-s-i-c physics.

Finally got down to it and rushed out for a late dinner with my sister @ Somerset 313 and we went to check out Hansel’s new place @ Mandarin Gallery. So lovely. Totally love the clean setting.

Dragged my feet home (with tonnes of goodies from the Kiwi Land courtesy of my sis) and tried to clear my mind of everything (so many things) and take a rest. Then, I thought about my Recesky TLR sitting in my kitchen, un-assembled.

Shall do it soon….hopefully it is not too difficult for me to understand.

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