All About Veira

I am excited because hehe “Veira” is finally printed on the pretty tank top from The Blogshop @ Haji Lane. It is loose fitting tank with subtle leopard lines. Will be worn by our second model for the e-Phenomena Parco Next Next Fashion Show this Friday 26 Nov.


Isn’t it such a beauty with our label printed on? Geez.

Speaking of Veira, the label. We had gone through a while to cut/amend and finally arrive at this logo. Was thinking along the line of simplicity with a feminine touch but yet not too cutesy.

The very first version. Very Indian-ish, eh?

Cut down a little but still…looks too very complicated

It was actually simplified for an inner label.

But eventually we decided that this is what we were really looking for! So here is to VEIRA.

May VEIRA bring joy and happiness to all fashion smart ladies out there.

Alrighty, signing off to work on our new collection…to make it in time for Christmas 2010! Cheers.


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