Ticketing Mechanism

It was that time of the year and I was logged on to Jetstar website to grab 2 tickets for the boyfriend and I. It meant to be a quick transaction before I head into bed for my beauty sleep. Instead, I spent about 20 minutes or so trying to figure this out:

For 1 person, per pax is S$79.95 (after tax)

For 2 people, it was S$109.95 per pax (after tax)…same flight, same timing, same booking time…

Can someone enlighten me, please? And I realized that this was not the first time I’ve encountered the inconsistency.

Perhaps it is some kind of IT-ticketing mechanism or whatsoever. So, we decided to book separately in order to save the unnecessary few bucks (which we couldn’t make sense of). Well, that’s not the end of yet.

After booking the first pax, I tried booking for the next one. Within that few minutes window, the price for the same flight jumped another S$40. I gave up and went straight to bed, with only 1 ticket on hand.

The next afternoon, I tried again and it was back to the initial price! I still can’t figure out, why…

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