Clorox – So Magical

My Bestie introduced me to Clorox, to be used in the toilet cleaning process. I knew it was true but I wasn’t keen to do anything about it. However, on one of the boring evenings…I was pulling groceries off the shelves in the supermarket and I saw Clorox. I thought…ahhh perhaps it’ll keep my boring evening, more exciting? And so here we go, S$1.95 for a bottle. Highly affordable!

I came home and tested on my toilet bowl & voila! So magical!!!

I’m so very thankful because I have been enlighted by Bestie and her Magical Clorox. I do not need to worry about getting sparkly toilet anymore hehehe. I’m such an un-domestic person and I totally hate cleaning the house. This is a dream come true, sort of 😀

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